ACRE2 – Eadon Forest


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Forest Metrics:
Tree Count
Tree Types
Tree Ages
Estimated CO2 sequestration

About Carbonland Trust NFTs

Carbonland Trust NFTs are a representation of forest land that has been put into 100 year forest conservation easements for the purpose of sequestering carbon dioxide. And based on the metrics of the land an NFT pays the holder CO2 Credits they can use for their offset goals. 

Each acre of forest land put into Carbonland Trust becomes a unique NFT, and on average will produce 2-4 Tons of carbon credits a year.

Carbonland Trust NFTs are an easy way to help offset your CO2 producing activities and protect forest lands for 100 years. Our NFTs preserve old growth, and help create new old growth forests for future generations. NO living trees can be cut down for 100 years in forest land that has been tokenized by Carbonland Trust, and must be maintained for CO2 sequestering purposes.